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Optional Extras:

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Second Photographer


Although I'm good at covering a full wedding on my own, no photographer on the planet can be in two places at once. Unless you're getting ready in the same place I can't photograph the bridal prep and groom prep at the same time. I can't shoot wide at the back of your ceremony to capture all your guests while also being up close at the front to capture the intimate moments. Especially if there are venue restrictions on how much I can move around.


Two photographers mean a greater variety of angles and more comprehensive coverage of the day.


If you can stretch your budget to include a second photographer, I seriously doubt you'll regret it.

A second photographer is included in my 'Enhanced' package.


Engagement Session


Some time in the months before your big day we'll meet up at a location of your choice for a relaxed couples portrait shoot.


Not only is it an incredible way for us to get to know each other and have a bit of fun without the pressure of a timeline or all your guests, but it can help calm the nerves, build confidence in front of the camera, and allow us to create beautiful keepsakes in a chilled atmosphere.  We’ll get a better sense of how we work together and build a bit of shorthand ready for the big day. Plus who doesn’t love a new profile pic?


And, if you book your engagement session early enough you can have beautiful couple shots to add to your wedding invitations!

Clients who book my 'Enhanced' package receive a complimentary Engagement Session.