Your website is the public face of your business. The content should be as impressive and dynamic as the design.


I write high-impact web content that’s well-researched to your business, industry and competitors. Quality content that informs existing customers, and persuades visitors to become new ones.


Static Web Pages

Homepage, About Us, FAQs, etc.

Landing Pages

Service & campaign specific


I’ll write with your specified keywords in mind to create natural, flowing content that reads well to humans and search engines.



Regular blog posts may be the single most important online marketing tool today. Blogging shows existing and potential customers that you care about their interests, but that you also care about your own business. It shows them that you’re active, and engaged in what’s going on in your industry and the wider world.


Add brand authority and trust to your brand with an information resource for your customers and industry

A regular, consistent source of original content that search engines love

Lead Generation: According to HubSpot, 15 blog posts per month average an extra 1,200 new leads.

Shareable content across social media 

build brand identity and tone-of-voice​

promotes customer engagement and dialogue

I am not a faceless content farm churning out vanilla blogs that barely hit the word count.


I offer original, thoroughly researched blog content that engages your customers. I don't do word counts. There's little motivation for a lot of writers to produce great copy after they hit the billable word limit. Most of my blogs naturally end up around 1,00 – 1,300 words. It’s never TL;DR, but I write until it's done.


Oh, and Google likes longer content as much as I do.


PUBLICATIONS & resources

For lots of businesses, a great website and social media content aren't enough. You might want added brand authority with whitepapers, eBooks, and research. You might need a lot of offline, behind-the-scenes literature such as shareholder reports, manuals, sales catalogues and brochures.


That’s where my Publications & Resources service can help.


We’re talking about longer copy than a web page or blog. Multi-page documents that need research, planning, a cohesive style and tone-of-voice. I will work with you to develop those things.



Sales Brochures​

Product Catalogues

Technical Manuals

Annual Shareholder Reports

Corporate Literature

Press Releases​


Whitepapers & “How To” guides



I started out in journalism, and part of that was sub-editing copy written by other journos. Fixing spelling, grammatical and formatting errors was a day-to-day thing. Unfortunately, that means I can’t read anything without spotting those mistakes a mile off. Yeah, I’m that guy.


In real life it’s a bad habit, and not a charming trait to your friends. But in copywriting, it makes me a human spellcheck.


Whether it’s fresh content that needs a second pair of eyes before publishing, or it's older content that needs a refresh. I provide a copy editing service that will fix mistakes and improve readability.


I’ve done it for all kinds of brands across the world. I’ll make sure your content flows flawlessly, in either US English or proper, correct English.