Hi, I'm Phil.

I'm a photographer based in Liverpool, and I've been photographing for six years. 


I haven't always been a photographer though. I'm a writer who's spent over a decade in digital marketing, so I know what makes a great picture with killer engagement.


Following a different career I never really considered my photography to be another path. It was just an extra skill I collected along the way that occasionally helped in my work. In 2020 I found the time and opportunity to hone my photography skills and turn that passion into a career.


I discovered the creative side to photography, how to fill my pictures with mood, emotion and a little magic. Photography became a way to express myself and I fell head over heels with it.


I love shooting portraits and working with the subject to bring out their character in pictures. But I haven't settled on a niche yet. My marketing experience keeps bringing me back to product photography and landscapes, too. 


I want to work with new and vibrant people to create memorable images to be proud of.